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Pat's Acres Racing Complex, or 'PARC' for short, is the heart and soul of Oregon's grassroot drifting scene, at least in my opinion. Every year they have a PLETHORA of fantastic events but one that always brings the heat is PARCfest. To put it simply, it's a two day long drift 'party' in every sense of the word. Most people arrive Saturday, camp out in the back of the track and drink into the night. only to be woken by roaring engines and screaming tires. 

Arriving on opening day is a sight on it's own, you see everything from bright yellow R32's, stock civics, lifted trucks, stanced sedans, and even some bikes and quads. It truly feels like a place that all motorsport ENTHUSIASTS can congregate. This is why I consider this track church, and I never miss service. 

Stepping foot onto the track during this event feels different, there is a sense of instability. The best way I can describe it is; it's controlled CHAOS. This isn't your typical monthly PARC event, these guys are driving their cars as hard as they can and THROWING caution out of the window. not being careless, but still not caring. if they break something they break something, as long as they're smiling while they're doing it, it's trivial.

Make no mistake, PARC may be a go-kart track, but if you don't respect her curves she'll chew up your suspension and spit it back out. THROUGHOUT THE DAY THE TRACK HAD MULTIPLE VICTIMS AND AT ONE POINT THREE DIFFERENT CARS WERE BROKEN DOWN ON AND PUSHED OFF TRACK. with broken aero and shredded tires strewn throughout, the track resembled an eerie car graveyard. 

Regardless, this is PARCfest, they're still gonna send it; and send it they did. The beauty of this place is it's absent of superiority. It doesn't matter if you spent $25,000 on your build, or $2,500. If you're a 10 year drifting veteran or just started earlier in the year. Everyone gets their track time to shine. 

This track is like a second home to me, and I love it. It's as if everything going on in the world is put on hold for those 6-8 hours of track time and we all come together as a community. If a car goes off track and gets stuck, media people rush to help push it back on. If some aero falls off of a car, track staff rush to pick it up and deliver it back to the pits. 

WE look out for one another here, Northwest drifting has its up's and down's, but none of it matters here. we're all brought together for the same reason;
we're all here have fun.

Written by : jacob p.
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