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In a country where we mostly associate the s-chassis with drifting there's still one that's rare even on tracks in the u.s. and that's the S15. having driven a "mostly stock" S15 I'd just like to say personally it didn't take much to notice the raw potential. as a platform the S15 has fantastic near perfect weight distribution and when paired with a gnarly american V8 good things are almost guaranteed to happen. When you look into just how difficult and tedious it is to maintain an S15 stateside you begin to realize it's a pleasure just to be around them. however, this one in-particular lets you know it's special just by its sheer presence and style.

WITH AN OVER THE TOP AGGRESSIVE DEMEANOR, AND A SOUNDTRACK TO MATCH, IT REALLY IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE S15's THAT WE HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF VIEWING FIRST HAND. WHEN ONE’S EYES FIRST FEAST UPON THIS CAR THE COLOR STEALS THE SPOT LIGHT. BEING A FAN OF CHOCOLATE CARS, IT IS CLEAR THAT THIS VILLAIN WEARS IT WELL. One of the things i feel best compliments this is the new school approach to the old school four spoke style wheels from GMR that sit perfectly inside the origin fenders. as this sets in one begins to realize you may be looking at more than just a show car. From the very purposeful full cage from SV performance, to the over-sized radiator glinting in the sun behind the bigwin front bumper, you can definitely tell this is something vastly superior to its humble beginnings. 

now this car isn't all just sights and sounds. it's the cake you get to have and eat at the same time; it's the perfect blend of style and raw power. The 6.0 Ls heart inside this bronze god is running an estimated 400hp on a street tune. this car is all low, no slow. To obtain such a fantastic ride height along with an aggressive fitment while still being able to do "rad skids" you gotta put in some time, effort, and of course money into your running gear. The ISIS coils and arms bring things down to earth in the most literal sense; the villains angle kit and diff stubbs keep it side ways trough the twisties, with the help of a PBM hydro e-brake of course. 

But with all this great power and furious speed you need something to hold you down so you don't lose your roots to mother earth. That's right, downforce! from the aerowolf splitters and canards adorning the bigwin covered body, to the Big Country Labs atmosphere demolisher on the rear, Ultimately this with the alluring yet threatening natural gaze of   "the Ls15" results in a very menacing looking appearance. that on first glance is intimidating then remains that way until it disappears in a cloud of tire smoke and v8 sounds; to inhabit your thoughts and remind you that monsters do exist. 

Written by : sebastian s.
Feature car : Brett W.
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