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A little red wagon is an image as american as baseball or apple pie. this car is german so as far as that's concerned its not american, but my god is it quite the image.

This car has only been in the owners possession for nine months, and yet a lot has been accomplished. for instance it recently won best wheels at midway meet in chehalis wa. While the car may have come equipped with the Accuair E level air ride suspension system. it still puts to rest the argument; bags aren't just for groceries, they're for grocery getters. 

The owner had mentioned he had been on static suspension on previous builds, so buying a car on air took a little getting used to; but The want for lows was real and how could you not want to lower one of these? The first thought that came to mind when I saw this generation of Avants was, "I hope someone gets one and slams it immediately". Unfortunately I had to wait longer than I had hoped, but it was definitely worth the wait. 

If you haven't noticed, the wheel choice for this car is absolutely spot on. I adore a good euro on some modern simplistic styled wheels and as of now this is the only set of Radi8 R8T-12 wheels in the states (in this finish). Needless to say, its refreshing to see something unique and it's almost as if these were made for this car. The fitment on the wheels compliment the overall look of the car making any reason to air out a good reason. 

As far as the rest of the car goes, it has a familiar wagon shape which makes the car that much more fun to look at. It's almost distracting you from what the Avant family is all about; transporting your family with great style and poise. That goal has been emphasized here with a bright red exterior and a beautiful black interior be-swathed in carbon and leather. 

Overall, the style paints a beautiful picture from the extended wing to the paint matched visors. It's the little things that make you really appreciate looking at it. Simplistic, modern, FUNCTIONAL and well-formed;
a low little red wagon can do it all.  

Written by : sebastian s.
Feature car : Jesse a. 
(will be featured on floor at hot import nights pdx, october 7th)
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